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Kilobytes are small bits of data that come together to create greater things. That’s how we approach digital marketing – by acknowledging that each part making up the whole is as valuable as the next, we streamline branding online and make sure that every kilobyte of data is as efficient as the last.


Why you need us

Making noise is easy, but being heard is a challenge.​

The advancement of the digital age has changed marketing forever in that consumers can be reached wherever they are, but competition between companies has made branding online difficult for those who are either just starting out, or trying to break through and connect with their target audiences. There is no “one size fits all” approach to digital marketing.​

That’s where you come in.​

Your digital needs, wants, issues and solutions will all differ greatly from others. That’s why we analyse your personal digital footprint and generate custom solutions tailored to your brand. Our aim is to ensure that all your digital noise is heard.

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What’s a building without bricks?
A forest without trees?
A gig without kilobytes?

The whole may be greater than the sum of its parts, but at the end of the day, those parts make up the whole. In the digital age, those parts take the form of web development, search engine optimisation, social media management and many more bits and pieces with the power to make or break businesses.​

At Kilobyte Collective, we analyse, adapt and develop those bricks to make sure that you’re building your brand on a solid foundation. By applying this philosophy in our approach to branding online, we aim to deliver consistent byte-sized solutions.

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Website development

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” Make sure your website represents all it should.

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Digital consulting

Construct a digital marketing plan tailored to your needs down to the very last kilobyte.

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Social Media Solutions

Keep the conversation going, we’ve got the social skills.

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Search engine optimisation

Websites get lonely, let’s see if we can attract some new visitors.


Alan Gie Illustration


Bcom (Digital Marketing)

Virtuoso (ISTP)

Exploring, troubleshooting and experiencing ideas first hand is key to their success. I’m constantly crafting the next best digital marketing plan or keeping up to date with the latest online trends.

Alex Ferguson Illustration


Bcom (Digital Marketing)

Campaigner (ENFP)

I tend to see the world as a complex puzzle where everything is connected, and often, in need of solving. The right idea has the power to bridge those gaps –this is especially true in the case of branding online.

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BA (Creative Brand Communications)

Advocate (INFJ)

Creativity and imagination are the catalysts in my pursuit of change. I create with conviction, willpower, and the planning necessary to see ideas fully realised and search engine optimisation achieved.


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